I was born on January 7th 1971 in Erbach/Germany.
In 1991 after graduating from high school I decided to
become a physical therapist which is my main profession today.
I have been living and working in Koblenz/Germany since 1995.
My passion for photography started in 1993 whilst traveling
through the USA. My goal was to capture the stunning and
varied beauty of the landscapes. This didn't turn out to be
quite as easy as I thought. My photographic failures motivated
me to start learning. I taught myself in an autodidactical way
with a Canon AE-1 Program camera with manual focus.
Having to set up the camera manually taught me how to be
precise when adjusting the focus, metering and chosing the
appropriate apertures.
In 1998 I purchased my first autofocus camera, again I chose
a Canon which is the brand I still use today.
I started to show my pictures to a wider audience in 2005
with my first exhibition where I presented my early landscapes.
The decission to set up my first website in 2006 was also
the start of my second line of business, nature photography.
My photographical subjects were landscapes, macros and wildlife.

I now am focussing on black and white fine art photography
which is the leading theme here on this website

I've also been teaching photography since 2016. My goal is to give people the
opportunity to learn how to handle and understand their cameras.
My students learn all the aspects of photography including
composing images and editing them with a computer.
Being at one with my surroundings through my camera is my passion.
 I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm and love of photography with my photographs.
I feel rewarded when my pictures and teaching
inspire those who follow my work.

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