Christian Zieg was born on January 7th 1971 in Erbach/Germany.
He grew up in a small town surrounded by mountains and
valleys which brought him close to nature.
In 1991 after graduating from high school he decided to
become a physical therapist which is his main profession today.
He has been living and working in Koblenz/Germany since 1995.
His passion for photography started in 1993 whilst traveling
through the USA. He taught himself in an autodidactical way
with a Canon AE-1 Program camera with manual focus.
Having to set up the camera manually taught him how to be
precise when adjusting the focus, metering and chosing the
appropriate apertures.
He started to show his pictures to a wider audience in 2005
with his first exhibition where he presented his early landscapes.
The decission to set up his first website in 2006 was also
the start of his second line of business, nature photography.
His photographical subjects were landscapes, macros and wildlife.

He now is focussing on black and white fine art photography
which is the leading theme here on this website. The reason why he chose to
work in black and white is that he developed a love for the essentials
of his subjects. He feels like color is oftenly taking away the
attention from what he sees as the true wonders in nature, meaning
the various structures and patterns. He often tries to set his focus on
the minimalistic sides in nature. He feels like there in minimalism
the true language of nature can be found.
One way of making these essential parts of what nature has to offer
stand out is the technique of long time exposure with shutter times of 30 seconds and
more, sometimes up to 4 minutes. Movement can be emphasized, stillness can be brought
to a visual place.

Fine art photography gives Christian the possibility to express what he sees in certain situations.
The result of the whole process  -finding a subject, photographing it and finally
editing the picture on the computer without any borders of documentary photography- shall
show what Christian sees and feels as he dives down deep into the scene.

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